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January 30, 2013
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FREE Bouncy Fennekin Icon by Kattling FREE Bouncy Fennekin Icon by Kattling
EDIT: The awkward moment when you upload your test file instead of your final file, and upload an earless bald-looking Fennekin. ^^; Typical me.

This one rocketed to the top of the request list after it was announced, and it's my favourite of the new starters, so I thought I'd give it a go. C: I'll do the other two at some point, but if you want me to do them sooner, don't forget to request it!
I've got a few sketches of unfinished icons I tried to do in the time when I was away, so I guess I'll finish those next. C: And I've got lots of icons to do for people who know who they are. :D Don't worry - I haven't forgotten any of you!

I'm really really sorry for not uploading anything for a while, and for not replying to anyone for even longer. I've been struggling through a heapload of college work, but most of it is done now! I'm going in this afternoon to finish off the last of it. C: And anyone who sent me a note from December to early January will know that I'm replying to all notes I got sent. :D I'm still soldiering through the rest.
If you've wondered where I've been, I've been making this!: [link]

More icons in my Pixel Icon Gallery~!

Terms of use:
:bulletblack: Please do not reupload (either as a pack or as seperate icons), claim as your own, etc.
:bulletblack: Please do not trace over, edit or modify in any way - if you want a custom one, I'm opening cheap commissions soon~
:bulletblack: This icon is free to use as your DeviantART icon, but please credit me in your signature or on your DeviantART page. C:
:bulletblack: Please comment below if you used it, just so I can check that you're doing so in accordance with the terms and conditions. C:
:bulletblack: If you see anyone violating these rules, please tell me~ Art theft is a crime~
:bulletblack: Have fun~
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