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Sorry for the inconvenience! ;u; Icons are still in my gallery and free to use and yadda yadda, I just need to fix this dump of a page I've had this way for two and a half years.



About me~!

Hi! ;u; My name is Kattling or Katie, but you can give me a nickname if you like! I love those. I'm 19 and I make pixel icons~

Favourite games: The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Okami, Red Dead Redemption
Favourite anime: Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note
Favourite TV series: Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time, Steven Universe

Currently playing: Pokemon White
Currently reading: The Lord of the Rings
Currently watching: Nothing right now. ;n;


Q: Can I use your icons?

A: Anything with a 'FREE' in front of the title is absolutely for you to use! ;u; You don't have to ask me, just please read and apply by the rules. I hate being a meanie, so don't be a meanie and I won't have to be one back! Failure to comply will result in a report filed to staff, and possibly the suspension of your account. All seriousness aside, I make all of my icons for people to use and be happy, so go enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed!

Q: Can you make an _____ icon?
A: If it's a Pokemon, absolutely! ;u; I'll add it to my request list for you. I'm one person and not an art machine, so it's impossible for me to complete all requests. As such, priority is determined by a mix of popularity and first-come-first-served. If I don't reply to your comment making the request - rest assured - I've most likely seen it and added it to the list! I get a lot of request comments and I'd rather spend my time actually creating the icons instead of just posting a confirmation message? I guess?
If it's anything else, including a Pokemon OC, the only way right now to get a custom icon is through my Patreon. Please stop asking for freebies because: 1. I couldn't possibly make an icon for EVERYONE who wanted one, 2. I need to make money to pay for things like food and toys for my hammy! 3. It's just rude. 4. If I want to make you an icon, I will approach you.

Q: What's your favourite Pokemon?
A: Okay I have too many, so:
First gen: Jolteon
Second gen: Quilava
Third gen: Breloom
Fourth gen: Luxray
Fifth gen: Reuniclus
Sixth gen: Noibat

Q: I'm upset and I wish I had someone to talk to.
A: Please please please don't sit there feeling bad! ;n; Come talk it out with me. You can contact me at, or you can drop me a note here on DA, but it'll take me longer to see it. Everything we talk about will be judgement-free and completely confidential, and I'll do my best to comfort you and give you advice. If you don't feel like talking, I promise you, things will get better.

My Friends~!
In no particular order and definitely not everyone. I need to check a lot of username spellings before I add a lot of people. >o<


my name is kattling and I'm under construction but i love you and please don't leave me because my art is still here upthere look

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Recent Art~

Why not donate?


If you really want to, you can donate by clicking either the left or right side of the banner above! The left will take you to my DeviantArt donations, where you can donate points. The right hand on the other side will take you to my Patreon, where you can subscribe to win prizes, like free commissions, priority on requests, features and more! Most prizes are first come-first served, so be sure to act quickly! ;u;

I'm currently saving to pay off my hamster's vet bills, and all points will go towards rewarding hard-working artists or be given away as contest prizes! ;u;

How many of you are on Tumblr? *cough**cough* (also feel free to post your thingy and I'll follow you probably) 

436 deviants said I'm on Tumblr! ;u;
319 deviants said I'm not. ;n;


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ilovepups127 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Can you make a onix? all of the little Pokemon look so CUTE! (sorry I'm asking, this must be a lot of work lol!)
Paragade13 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
Hi there, does it cost points to request an icon?
Exquisite17 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Hey! I love your stuff!
I cant find it anywhere, but do you take pokemon pixel requests?
GoryGlalie Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  New Deviant
hey i am a pixel artist and i would like to know where you do your work. this would help me a lot. Thank you
KinqOli Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  New Deviant
Love the icons <3
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